Folder Marker Pro Crack With Registration Code [Latest]

Folder marker Pro Crack is a software application where you mark your computer folder easily. Without using this program, you see that all the folder in your laptop and computer looks like the same. You cannot differentiate between different folders. This become irritating that you are not able to quickly pick a specific folder according to your desire. So folder marker is a helpful application to overcome this irritating situation. It shows all the folders with different icons so that all the folders look as different from each other. A user can mark their folders just by using two steps with the help of this application. By this you can label the folders, and you can find out a folder instantly by using this program. It is easy to use this wonderful application. You should only right-click on the folder which you want to mark. It will show to mark this folder. It will show you to select the color and icon to mark a specific folder.

Folder Marker Pro Crack With Registration Code [Latest]

You can make priority of the folder. You can give a folder to high, low and normal priority with this program so that you access any folder as easy as possible. It allows the completion of your work as it is fully completed, half done and a planned work. By this your work will sort in different types of categories. By this program you can set the work status of the project. You can set the project status in three different categories by using this application. User can define that the specific project is approved, project is rejected, or the project is pending. By this you can easily see your project status in second without wastage of time.

Folder marker pro crack is a free software application that helps its user in different ways to makes their work easy and beautiful. It gives the facility to set the type of the information. You can set different files in many sections by this incredible program. A user can separate its work files, important files, temp files and private files from each other. Any user can use this software in easy way because it has graphical user interface. Its popup menu is fully customizable. It shows all the information in fully organized way. It is a light piece of software. it is not a heavy software that can slow the speed of your system. It is a secure application. It is most needed tool for a computer user to make it work easy. This application run on windows operating system.

Folder Marker Pro Crack With Registration Code [Latest]

Feature Of Folder Marker Pro Key

  • It gives different colors and icons to different folders. So that user can access these documents easily.
  • This application saves the time of user to search a specific folder.
  • It differentiates the folders form each other.
  • You can organize your work by this software. A user makes status of project by this application.
  • Give label to important folders that must not be removed.
  • You can set the priority of folders in this application. You can mark a folder high priority, low priority and normal priority.
  • It has many built in icons that can use for different folders.

How To Download

  • Open the search engine and write the folder marker pro crack in search bar then click on the search button.
  • Open the website. Go to the download button and click it.
  • The file will start downloading. It may be taken some time.
  • Open the downloads file and double-click on it. It will show you a dialogue box. Accept the term and condition.
  • Click on the next button. After few steps it will install on your machine-like laptop and computer.

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